Thursday, September 9, 2010

Faith and Fundraising

When my husband and I first began talking about adopting, the one thing that made me balk was the money. I was not worried about adding another child to the family and the expenses involved in that, but I was worried about the cost of the actual process. Adoption from a foriegn country is not cheap!  I take care of paying the bills in our household, and money (or the lack of it!) is always somewhat stressful for me. As we prayed about it, we felt like it was time to step out in faith and begin the process. There are grants and loans and all sorts of things to help with the funding; however there are many costs that come before you can even apply for assistance. There are doctor's appointments, FBI fingerprinting, passports, required adoption classes, and the home study, all adding up to several thousand dollars. At the same time we decided to step out in faith and start the adoption process, we also felt impressed to give a generous amount of money in monthly support to several missions projects above our tithe. When God asks you to do something, He will always bless your obedience. While I don't know where the money will come from for the adoption, I know that God is faithful. He will not ask us to do something without providing the means to accomplish it.

So, the fundraising begins. We are sending out letters to many friends and family members, I have entered a blog contest, and we are selling things on e-bay. We are asking all our friends and family to support us especially in prayer; however, if God leads you to be a part of helping us financially, we would greatly appreciate it. You never know how God might use you to be a part of our adoption miracle!

PS. I have added a link for donations through paypal, or you can mail donations in to the adoption fund set up at our church if you would like to receive tax giving credit: Mission 127 Adoption Fund; 10710 Taylorsville Road; Louisville, KY 40299.

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