Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waiting children

Tonight I decided to look through the list of waiting children on the special link of our agency's website. The little faces cried out to me, begging me to adopt them. It is so difficult to see their faces, read their stories and wonder if any of them will find forever homes. There are a few on there from the Philippines, which we requested more information about.  What makes me so sad, is that many of those children will never find a forever home or be a part of a family. I pray that God will speak to many families about considering adoption of a waiting child. These children need to find the love of Jesus. They need to find the love of parents. Many of them were abandoned in the streets by moms, dads, aunts or uncles because they couldn't take care of them. Many of them are completely orphaned, with no mom or dad alive at all. Many of them will end up back on the streets when they reach a certain age, with no means to support themselves. What better way to show them the love of Christ than by taking them in as your own?  As I look at each little face, each one loved by the Heavenly Father, I pray for them, asking God to give them someone who will show them His love. I also continue to pray about Mission 1:27, the orphan care ministry which God has birthed in our hearts through this adoption process.  I pray that God will use this ministry to touch millions of orphans throughout this world. And I especially pray for the child He has for our family--for God's protection, care and love to surround him or her even now.

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  1. It's so funny that I read this when I did: I JUST closed an email from our agency with two little boys who have recently come into our agency's orphanage. Looking at their sweet faces made me HURT.