Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can $1 REALLY make a difference?

What can you do with $1? You can't really buy very much with just $1.  You can get a cheesburger from McDonalds or a pack of gum or a large soft drink. You might be able to pick up something useful from the dollar store, but one dollar is not really much significance by itself. However, $1 added up with $1...and another and another makes a HUGE differnce toward our plane ticket costs to bring our daughter home from the Philippines! Will you be the one to start the giving with just $1 to help us bring our little girl home? I think some of you out there are not even bothering to give...NOT because you don't have a dollar or because you don't care, but because you don't believe $1 can really make a difference.  We have only had one person to this point give only $1.And it was from someone I don't even know!  Everyone else who has given to this point has given MORE than $1 and we are very grateful for that. I am very thankful for EVERY dollar given. Every donation, big or small, truly makes a BIG difference!! I'll be honest with you, I sort of felt silly giving only $1 to the previous featured family, so I made it $2 instead.... but I don't want you to not give because you feel $1 is not enough. I have over 400 friends on facebook; $1 each makes $400; if they each pass it on to 5 friends and some of them give $1, it just keeps on growing!!!

Let's see what we can do together if we EACH give $1! I can't wait to see what God is going to do through give1save1 this week!

Adoption is a beautiful picture of the Father's love for His children and God's people working together to change the life of  one.  Will you be a part of our adoption story by giving just $1 to help us bring Joy Noelle home? View our video at http://www.give1save1asia.blogspot.com/, give $1 and pass it on to a friend or two!!

BY THE WAY....including a large donation yesterday, our total is at $798.00 for day one!!! This is AMAZING!!!!

Thank you and God Bless!

Monday, July 30, 2012


We have BIG NEWS....no, we don't have a visa appointment or travel date yet. Sorry to disappoint you! Our big news is that our family has been chosen to be featured on give1save1 to help us raise funds for our adoption! Our adoption video is being featured starting today! It is just an incredible blessing to us and I hope that you will help us out! Go on now to http://www.give1save1asia.blogspot.com/ and watch the Lewis Family Adoption video. Help us share it with friends, family, neighbors, everyone you know! Let's make this go viral!  We still need an estimated $3,000 to help cover the post adoption expenses and balance of our travel costs! We don't know how much the plane tickets will cost, but they are averaging about $1200-$1300 each right now. If everyone just gives $1 it will go a long way in bringing Joy Noelle home (hopefully very soon!!!)

We have been incredibly blessed along this adoption journey and God has provided every step of the way! There have been so many family members and friends who have followed God's direction to help us financially. We cannot even begin to thank you enough.  If you have already donated, please do not feel obligated to give even another dollar! Instead, please share this link with 5 or 10 family members or friends and help us get the word out. http://www.give1save1asia.blogspot.com/

God bless you as you help us be the the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to a little girl who has lived in an orphanage for almost 7 years! She is going to know the love of a real FAMILY for the first time in just a short few weeks and hopefully will come to realize the love Jesus has for her in a whole new way. YOU can be a HUGE part by helping us bring her home!

PS....if you are on an adoption journey, I encourage you to contact give1save1 for an application! They want to help you raise your funds. They have a separate site for Carribean adoptions, domestic adoptions, Asia adoptions, Europe adoptions and Africa adoptions!

Friday, July 20, 2012

I800 Provisional approval!

Wow! That was quick! We got our I800 provisional approval in the mail today 3 weeks to the day after we mailed it in. I was not expecting it quite so quickly! The way I understand it, now Joy's paperwork will be sent to the National Visa Center and to the Embassy in Manila to process her Visa.  I am not sure of the exact timeline, but I know we are moving ahead and we should still on track to travel sometime in September. Pray for no glitches or problems with the paperwork on the Philippines end. We REALLY want to have our little girl home before her 7th birthday in September!

The days have been busy, getting ready for Joy to come home. We have been clearance shopping because there are so many good sales right now. We've been buying dresses, school uniforms, basic necessities and some fun stuff too! The travel time between all the layovers will be somewhere around 24 hours, so we are trying to find lots of things to keep her occupied on the trip.

We are so excited and can't wait to have Joy home with us! Thanks for your continued prayers for us and for Joy as we all encounter this big transition in our lives. We pray for God's peace and joy to rest upon her little heart and for us to truly be God's hands extended to our new little one. We can't wait to see what big plans God has for her and for us as we continue on this adoption journey!