Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bumps in the Road

I cannot even remember the last time I posted to my blog. Time is going by quickly, with nothing really going on in the adoption front. We are still waiting for our FBI fingerprints to be processed and the I800A to come back. Please pray with me that it happens quickly. Right now I am feeling frustrated beyond belief. It is difficult to pour into the adoption financially and see so little movement toward the actual day we bring our child home. We put our entire tax return toward our adoption, and in the past week so many things have gone wrong! Our over-the-stove microwave was zapped by lightening. Our washing machine has had difficulty spinning. This morning I went to check the washer and the clothes were sopping wet and water leaking on the floor. Um, yeah...not good when the laundry is piling up and overtaking my house! The airconditioning is acting up in my car and it is HOT out there. Part of me wants to say, "God, what are you trying to tell us?? Did we not hear you right?", but I remembered this mornnig something my wise father-in-law said once. " Just because you encounter bumbs or roadblocks in your way does not always mean you are on the wrong path." Some people might want to discourage us in our adoption journey when they see the road blocks we are encountering, but I believe these difficulties will show us God's faithfulness in a whole new way. We serve a God who can lift us up over the road blocks or take us around the road blocks or make the road blocks disappear. However He so chooses, I believe we are on the right path and I am going to trust Him to provide. Please, please, please pray with us! I can't wait to share with you the answers to our prayers!