Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dare to Be

Last night during worship at our youth group, I felt God speak to my heart."Dare to be the woman I have created you to be. Dare to follow the dreams I've placed in your heart." While this message was spoken directly to me, I began to ponder the bigger picture. What if the church dared to become who God has created them to be? What would the church look like? So many Christians are paralyzed by insecurities, fear of failure and guilt from the past. So many who call themselves Christians are sitting in churches, indifferent to a lost and dying world, going through the motions. God has called us to live a life full of vitality, generosity and confidence in Him. What would happen if we chased the dreams God has put in our hearts, so deep in our hearts that maybe we haven't even shared them with anyone else? I believe we would be vibrant, undeniable, unstoppable world changers for Christ. We would help the poor, care for the orphan, give to the needy, pray for the sick, love one another and have compassion for the lost. We would meet the needs of the lost physically and bring them hope spiritually,

God is a God of creativity. He has made you to be exactly what He wants you to be and He has a specific purpose for your life. No one else can do what He has called you to do or be who He called you to be. Chase the God-given dreams in your heart. Become the man or woman God has created you to be. God is asking many of us to do more, to go farther in our giving of our time and money. To trust Him to provide if we obey. Speed the Light started out as a dream and now provides millions of dollars worth of vehicles and media equipment to missionaries around the world. Lillian Trasher started out with a dream, and even though she is gone, her ministry to orphans thrives today. God is daring you today to trust Him enough to shake off your insecurities, step beyond your fears, resist the temptation of sin and take a journey He has mapped out just for you. Will you dare to become the man or woman He has called you to be? Will you dare to follow His plan for your life?

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