Sunday, May 15, 2011

God Doesn't Want Your Money, He Wants Your Heart!

My blogs have been few and far between. On the adoption front, we are waiting for our I800A to get done so we can send in our dossier to the Philippines, so it has been SLOW...but we went to a very incredible adoption conference last weekend and I would encourage anyone who is adopting to check out and even attend the conference in September in Nashville. The information they presented is invaluable for parenting an adopted child. 

Something God has been speaking to me lately is that God really doesn't want our money (He has no need for money! LOL) ,He wants our hearts. Does that mean you shouldn't give your tithe or give to missions? Absolutely not! It means that He wants more than our money. He wants our whole beings, our hearts, from the inside out. Once He has our heart, He will begin speaking to us about giving. Giving to the poor, Giving to missions, giving our tithes, helping those in need. You might hear Him say to you, "Send an extra gift to your missionary friends" or "I want you to sponsor a child from Latin American Childcare"or "You need to step out in faith and give X amount of dollars to help someone adopt"...once God gets a hold of your heart and you are listening and walking with Him, He will change how you handle your money. He will give you a generous Spirit, and you will be able to trust Him to provide for your needs in a new and fresh way. God really doesn't want your money, He wants your heart. I believe there are many people who have asked Jesus to come into their hearts, but they really haven't given their hearts completely to Him, and they aren't able to hear and obey when God speaks to them, espceially regarding their finances. It's not a one time gift or just a committment to give your 10%, It's a life of listening and obeying and following Him fully. God doesn't want your money...He wants your heart.