Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Giving Challenge-You Can't Outgive God!

Several months ago, God issued a giving challenge to me and my husband that has changed my life forever. We were at a missions banquet for Speed the Light and Missionary David Grant said something that absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!  He said that he gives 50% of his personal income back into missions.  Here was someone whose entire life was devoted to living, going and telling the world about Christ and he gave one half of his money back into ministry. One glance at my own giving record and I could see that I was barely giving above my 10% tithe. Sure, occassionally, I would give to a special project or donate to Speed the Light, but never on a consistent basis would I give out of my own pocket above what was required of me. God spoke very clearly to my heart about what we were supposed to do. He told me we were to take 100% of the money we were paying for Natalie's Christian education and put it into missions. He promised me if we did this, He would take care of our kids at public school. This was a challenge for me; you see, I had already figured on that money going to be used for other purposes. But God had other plans. He confirmed this with my husband and together we decided to take God's giving challenge for our lives. About that same time God told us to step out in faith and begin the adoption process. Now in my thinking, I was wondering why God had us give that money away when the cost of adoption was so much. Wouldn't He want us to put that money toward our adoption? But following God's clear voice, we gave as He directed. And I have to say, these past few months I have been amazed by God's faithfulness to us! Our kids have wonderful teachers and they love their school. We have had over $2,000 given toward our adoption and we have had the priviledge to be a part of some wonderful ministries including the following: Project Rescue, a ministry to young girls who have been sold into the sex slave; we have added a missionary to our monthly giving at our church; we have been giving to Speed the Light on a monthly basis...and I cannot wait to give more! It is so exciting to be a part of what God is doing in and through these ministries.

I believe God is asking His people to take the giving challenge. The giving challenge is a personal challenge God has for you. First of all, if you are not giving your 10% tithe, God says in His word that we are to give 10%.  Trust me, He will take care of you if you will obey Him in this. Secondly, He is asking His people to give above and beyond their tithe. For our family it was about an additional 5% of our income. For others it may be an additional $15 per month or 2% of your salary or maybe for some even 50% of your income....and I encourage you to examine your giving often. As God blesses you, keep giving more--You can NEVER outgive God!

Here's a list of some awesome ministries you could give to above your tithe (your 10% should go to your local church body.)

Project Rescue: a ministry to girls or women who have been sold into sexual slavery.
Assemblies of God Family Services Agency: a children's home, a maternity home and much more.
A brand new ministry near and dear to my heart (The next one I am going to make a pledge to support!)
Mission 1:27- An adoption and orphan care ministry, meeting special project needs of children's homes around the world.
You could "adopt" a child through Latin American Childcare ministries (another thing I want to do!) For around $30 per month you can help with the basic necessities for a child who has nothing.
Speed the Light- a ministry devoted to providing vehicles, media equipment and sound equipment to missionaries around the world.

These are just a few ministries which I know are personally sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray about what God is asking you do to and then act in obedience! God will bless you in ways you cannot even imagine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Mission of Mission 1:27

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. Time has slipped by, with not much happening on the adoption front. We are in the waiting game, before the REAL waiting has even started. We are waiting for our psychologist to finish up his reports before we can start our homestudy. So today I want to write a little bit about Mission 1:27, the ministry birthed in our hearts for the orphans of the world. As my husband and I started on our adoption journey, our hearts were broken by the great need in our world and by the lack of churches and Christians reaching out to meet these needs.  In our research for adoption we discovered there are 147 million orphans around the world, and millions more children who live in complete poverty, with barely one meal a day. The more we researched, the more we found misionaries and ministries in the Assemblies of God reaching children around the world, but needing funds for many of the projects. Projects such as: feeding hundreds of children, providing winter coats for those with none, giving scholarships for children to go to school or providing funds for medical needs for children who cannot afford medical care.  There are many churches and people who would be willing to help with these projects if they only knew the desperate needs. We also discovered that many people in the Assemblies of God would be interested in adopting, but our Fellowship has no formal place to find information on adoption. From this discovery, along with lots of prayer and discussion with several others in our church, an idea was formed in our hearts. We call it Mission 1:27, based on the Scripture James 1:27.

Our mission is twofold: to encourage churches or individuals to become involved with orphan care ministry by partnering with our missionaries throughout the world to reach the children in need and also to provide adoption information and resources for those interested in adoption.

God cares for the children of the world. He sees their hunger and feels their pain. He wants us to do the same. God has blessed us for more than our own pleasure. He has blessed us so we can use our resources to help others. So think about it and do something to help. Start an orphan care ministry in your church. Adopt a child through Latin American Child Care. (It's only about $30 per month!)  Give to Mission 1:27. Do something to change this world. Show God's love by changing a child's life. If you want more information on Mission 1:27, please contact me or my husband at We have a passion and a desire to help children throughout the world through this ministry, but we need your help.