Thursday, January 27, 2011

God's plan of redemption

The world is full of injustice. Disgusting, dispicable acts against children and women that I don't even want to think about.  So often we try to blame God for the injustice in the world and wonder how a God of love could allow millions of girls to be sold into sexual slavery, babies to die of hunger, children to be abused by their fathers; but our blame is very misplaced. It is OUR sin that brought injustice into this world, perpetrated by the Devil himself through temptation. It is the very consequences to OUR sin that brough death, destruction, poverty, hatred and cruelty to the world. God never intended for there to be orphans, poverty,or pain; however, our God is a God of redemption and He is a God with a plan. His plan included sending His only Son to die on the cross for each and every one of us and His plan was victorious on the day that He raised His Son from the Dead, giving us victory from death ,Hell and the grave. His plan is a beautiful plan of redemption and grace, of selfless living, of giving life to the undeserving. I, though, undeserving recieved grace from my heavenly Father. I was adopted into His family, so that I can have eternal life. In so caring for the orphans, widows and abandoned of this world, not only are we fullfilling our part in God's redemptive plan, but we are reflecting the very heart of God. Those children are His children. He wants to be their Father. How will they ever know the love of their Father if we don't reach out to them and show them? If we don't care for their needs? If we don't give them a family? God loves the orphans. They are His children as much as I am His child. They are my "brothers" and "sisters". I cannot sit here in my cushy couch, stuffing my face with my favorite snack, watching tv and do nothing about the need in this world. Proverbs 24:12 tells us, “Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know and holds us responsible to act.”
Pray that God will open your eyes anew to the need in this world. Pray that God will show you how to respond to that need. We aren't called to share out of our excess, we are simply called to share what we have.

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  1. WOW! this is sooo what's been in my heart lately! :-) you said it so well! thank you :-) and thanks for your prayers and encouragement...i'm praying for you and your family as you are embarking on this exciting journey!! oh btw, did you all see the evangel this past week? as i read it, i kept thinking of you guys and praying for you!