Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The journey--the very beginning

Several people have seen my first blog post and asked me the question, "Where are you in the adoption process?" In answer, we have really only just begun and the journey ahead is long. In our case, it will  likely be two years or more before we take the 24 hour flight to the Phillipines and we become our child's "forever" family. In the mean time, we gather paperwork, have physicals done, go to training, complete a home study and gather more paperwork for our dossier---and pray. Pray for strength, pray for our unknown child,  and pray for finances. We are taking some very big steps of faith. Honestly, adopting a child is expensive and we don't have the money; thankfully, we serve the one and only God who can and will provide for our needs.  Though this journey has only just begun, I feel God drawing me closer to Him and His heart for the lost, abandoned and abused. He says,  "Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight." (James 1:27 --Message)  I can hardly look at the pictures of the "waiting" children without tearing up. So many of them will never know the love of a mommy or daddy or the love of our Heavenly Father. While I know our family can't reach them all, God has called us to reach one and we will take this journey of faith to do what He has called us to do.

Please join this blog, as I will be sharing some of the things God is teaching me throughout this experience and I am sure I will have some financial miracles to share! I am expecting God to provide in awsome ways!

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