Monday, October 17, 2011

One Hundred Good Wishes

Dear Family and Friends,
We have one more fundraiser going on right now in order to raise the money needed to bring our child home. We are still waiting for the official approval to adopt a little 6 year old girl. We are not allowed to post pictures or give any other specific information on-line about the child, but as soon as  (IF) we get the approval (hopefully any day now!!) we need to send in $6100 to the Philippines for her medical appointment, visa processing, donation to her orphanage, etc. This fundraiser is called One Hundred Good wishes. This will be sort of a documentation of all the people who are supporting us through this adoption. You can send us encouraging words for a donation of any amount and we will be able to someday share with our child the many "wishes" ( or blessings) given to him or her. Just click on the One Hundred good wishes link on the side of my blog and it will take you to our page. All payments go securely through paypal. Thank you again for your love and support. We cannot do this without you!

PS Don't forget the scentsy fundraiser: under the Lewis Adoption Fundraiser link. GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS! We also we have listed some things on ebay under the seller "revsnoopy". All proceeds will be going toward our adoption!! Thank you!

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