Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fundraisers: We need your help!

We are still waiting....I feel that this waiting time is our time to prepare the funds needed when we get the referral, so we have a couple fundraisers going on, lots of prayers and faith that God knows what we need! Many people have helped us get to this point and we are so very thankful for that; however, we have also sacrificed much of our own funds and our savings account is basically nil.  It seems like every time we save a little, an unexpected expense arises. (for example: air conditioning out in my car in middle of the 100 degree weather; several doctor visits for various members of the family; etc!) I KNOW that God is faithful and He will help us have the funds we need when we need it. We have a $4,000 Show Hope Grant and my boss at work recently told me that my employer will donate $1,000 toward our travel! Praise the Lord! That should cover our travel expenses in full!

My immediate concern is the $6,100 that will be due less than 2 weeks after we recieve the official "referral". (Which could be any day!)  This money goes to the Philippines to provide the visa, medical exams, orphanage donation, and paperwork for our child to come home. We have very little in our account toward this expense, so we are working on some fundraisers: 1) My friend Stephanie Lush is doing a scentsy fundraiser for us. These are wickless candles-and they are amazing! The initial investment is a little more than candles, but the scented wax is less costly than candles...and the commission is donated toward our adoption! Check out and click on the Lewis Adoption Fundraiser to order on-line. 2)  Also, over the next couple weeks, we will be putting various items on e-bay. Check out the seller "revsnoopy" and all items will be going toward our adoption. 3) We are doing a $10 friend donation on Facebook. My friend suggested if each of our facebook friends donated just $10, we would be at our goal!

If anyone has any other great fundraiser ideas for adoption, please post them here! We need your help!!! This is one of those things that takes the body of Christ working together for a common good and we appreciate all of you who continue to support us through prayer and finances! We can't wait to see this come together in His perfect timing!!!

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