Thursday, August 2, 2012


Preliminary application fee: $550
Home Study Preparation Fee: $2600
Dossier Preparation Fee: $500
US Adoption Fees: $3500
Philippines Country Fee: $6300
US Paperwork (I800A and Fingerprinting): $840
Passports: $260
Numerous miscellaneous expenses: $500
Adoption training conferences/classes: $300
2 roundtrip tickets to the Philippines: $2600
1 one-way ticket home from the Philippines: $900
Hotel, food and other travel expenses: $1200
Post Adoption interviews/paperwork: $750

Changing an orphan's life forever: Priceless

The smile on my daughter's face when she found out she has a family: Absolutely Priceless

The cost of adoption is high. The sacrifices we make are many, but the end result is something there is no way we can measure in dollars. I can't wait to share with you the smile we've seen in the pictures of our little girl when she found out she FINALLY, after almost 7 years of waiting, has a family to call her very own.

We are doing our VERY LAST fundraiser to help us get our daughter home. Would you jump on over to and watch our adoption video and give $1 to help us get Joy Noelle home? Pass it on to a friend or two. Keep spreading the word.  We hope to travel in September!

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