Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can $1 REALLY make a difference?

What can you do with $1? You can't really buy very much with just $1.  You can get a cheesburger from McDonalds or a pack of gum or a large soft drink. You might be able to pick up something useful from the dollar store, but one dollar is not really much significance by itself. However, $1 added up with $1...and another and another makes a HUGE differnce toward our plane ticket costs to bring our daughter home from the Philippines! Will you be the one to start the giving with just $1 to help us bring our little girl home? I think some of you out there are not even bothering to give...NOT because you don't have a dollar or because you don't care, but because you don't believe $1 can really make a difference.  We have only had one person to this point give only $1.And it was from someone I don't even know!  Everyone else who has given to this point has given MORE than $1 and we are very grateful for that. I am very thankful for EVERY dollar given. Every donation, big or small, truly makes a BIG difference!! I'll be honest with you, I sort of felt silly giving only $1 to the previous featured family, so I made it $2 instead.... but I don't want you to not give because you feel $1 is not enough. I have over 400 friends on facebook; $1 each makes $400; if they each pass it on to 5 friends and some of them give $1, it just keeps on growing!!!

Let's see what we can do together if we EACH give $1! I can't wait to see what God is going to do through give1save1 this week!

Adoption is a beautiful picture of the Father's love for His children and God's people working together to change the life of  one.  Will you be a part of our adoption story by giving just $1 to help us bring Joy Noelle home? View our video at http://www.give1save1asia.blogspot.com/, give $1 and pass it on to a friend or two!!

BY THE WAY....including a large donation yesterday, our total is at $798.00 for day one!!! This is AMAZING!!!!

Thank you and God Bless!

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