Monday, July 30, 2012


We have BIG, we don't have a visa appointment or travel date yet. Sorry to disappoint you! Our big news is that our family has been chosen to be featured on give1save1 to help us raise funds for our adoption! Our adoption video is being featured starting today! It is just an incredible blessing to us and I hope that you will help us out! Go on now to and watch the Lewis Family Adoption video. Help us share it with friends, family, neighbors, everyone you know! Let's make this go viral!  We still need an estimated $3,000 to help cover the post adoption expenses and balance of our travel costs! We don't know how much the plane tickets will cost, but they are averaging about $1200-$1300 each right now. If everyone just gives $1 it will go a long way in bringing Joy Noelle home (hopefully very soon!!!)

We have been incredibly blessed along this adoption journey and God has provided every step of the way! There have been so many family members and friends who have followed God's direction to help us financially. We cannot even begin to thank you enough.  If you have already donated, please do not feel obligated to give even another dollar! Instead, please share this link with 5 or 10 family members or friends and help us get the word out.

God bless you as you help us be the the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to a little girl who has lived in an orphanage for almost 7 years! She is going to know the love of a real FAMILY for the first time in just a short few weeks and hopefully will come to realize the love Jesus has for her in a whole new way. YOU can be a HUGE part by helping us bring her home!

PS....if you are on an adoption journey, I encourage you to contact give1save1 for an application! They want to help you raise your funds. They have a separate site for Carribean adoptions, domestic adoptions, Asia adoptions, Europe adoptions and Africa adoptions!

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