Friday, May 11, 2012

Lots to do!

We got the "official" paperwork in the mail yesterday, including the letter from the ICAB. It was so unreal to look at that paper with our names and the name of our little girl on it. I can't believe it is finally happening. I re-read the updated report on our daughter, which I can't share much of the details, but let's just say, I love her already! She's going to fit right in with our family. I can't wait to give her the extra attention she needs and love on her! She has been very well taken care of in a Christian orphanage, but she "longs" for a family of her own. I wish I could be there to see her face when her caretakers tell her about her "forever" family!!!

We have lots to do in the coming days! We have some final paperwork to apply for her Visa and our FBI fingerprints expire in August. Because we have to have the fingerprints up-to-date for her to get her Visa, more than likely we will have to get them done again. (another $170!)  We need to buy bunk beds as she and Natalie will be sharing a room. We need to get the room set up for TWO girls! We need to figure out her school situation and plan our travel arrangments.  I am so excited and I am glad we have lots to do to keep us busy while we wait!

I really would like to take Natalie and Micah with us when we go. It would be such an amazing thing for them to experience and I think it would help the whole family to understand where our Fillipina girl has come from, BUT the plane tickets are around $1300.00 each. Please pray with us as we try to figure out the best thing to do. Many of my "blog" friends have encouraged us to take our whole family and I really do want to. It might help our new daughter to be occuppied on the 24 hour travel back home!

So much to do...Thank you to so many for your love and support, both financially and your prayers! We could not do it without you all! We are so excited that our daughter will not only have our family, but she will have much extended "family" through the body of Christ!!!

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  1. Yay that's so exciting! It's always fun to share a room with your sister. That's what I've had to do my whole life. :)

    Will she go to school right away? Because I think for attachment and bonding, those first 6 months are a very special and important to time. (maybe even the first year) You want to make sure she knows that YOU (mom&dad) will take care of her, and not teachers. (of course I'm no expert, but from experience and realizing we should of kept my little sister home from school - I wish we would have done that in the beginning)

    Blessings and good luck to all of your decision!