Thursday, May 3, 2012

All I really want....

It's May...I can hardly believe that we have been waiting almost 8 months to hear if we can adopt a little girl in the Philippines. My heart is so heavy for her, and yet there is nothing else we can do right now except pray and wait.

May has always been a very special month to me! On the 8th, my husband and I celebrate 13 years of marriage, on the 13th is my birthday and this year it is also Mother's Day! I love the month of May and I am praying that we will hear from the Philippines before my birthday! That would be the best present ever!!

To celebrate this very special month of May, I have decided on a couple things. #1 I want to do something special for my mom this year. She has been such a Godly example to me and she is the most amazing mother I could ever have. She taught me the value in following God with all my heart. My mom has everything she really needs and every year tells me not to buy her a this year, I've decided to make a donation to Mission 1:27 in honor of my mom. I can't think of a better way to show her how much she means to me than by sharing the love of Jesus with orphans!! Love you, Mom!!! #2 I have decided that I don't need anything for my birthday or Mother's Day either and so I want to donate any gifts my family gives me to Mission 1:27. I am not saying this to toot my own horn. I just want to share what God is doing in me and give Him all the glory!

We tell our children the value of giving. We encourage them to give through our children's missions giving programs  (BGMC) and our teenagers through Speed the Light; however, are we teaching them by example? Over the past few years, God has been stretching Darren and I, teaching us the value of giving above and beyond our tithes. Not just a few dollars. Not just a casual offering in the offering plate. Not just the "extra" we have. He's been stretching us to give more. To care more. To show God's love through giving to missions.To give in faith. To give until it hurts. To give and keep on giving. And in return, we've learned the joy and blessings of giving.  I hope that I am a living example to my children of sacrificial giving. And this year, this is something I feel very strongly He wants me to do. It may not amount to much, but I know that God can take what little we can give and make it grow exponentially.

So this month of May....all I really want is a phone call from the Philippines and to see some orphans come to know the love of Jesus!

PS...If you decide you want to give a donation to Mission 1:27 in honor of your mother, you can donate at!

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