Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A dream

I've been pondering lately the dream God has given me. A dream to help kids around the world who are desperately in need of a father's love and ultimately the Heavenly Father's love. A dream of making a difference in their lives, of doing more than just adopting one. A dream of helping many find forever homes and really seeing lives changed. Where do I go from here? My husband and I have taken a step of faith through adoption, but I really believe God wants more from me. I want more for my life. I don't want to go through life teaching my children that it's all about the "stuff" we aquire and about living a comfortable life. I want to teach my children compassion and the love of our Father God. I desire to go to places and to physically be a representative of His love. I am feeling the pull of a God-given dream, but how do I make a dream reality? I've prayed for open doors, but sometimes I think God requires us to step out in faith before the doors are open. Please pray with me that God will show me the steps to take in the months ahead.

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