Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prayers requested

I'm requesting your prayers today for several things:

1) We really need Joy's paperwork from the Philippines this week. We need to get our I800 filed in plenty of time so that our previous paperwork doesn't expire! Please pray with me that we get that paperwork TODAY!!!

2) I've had a little case of the "nerves" lately! I know we are doing what God called us to do, but every once in a while panic overtakes me. "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE WE DOING?" Adopting a six year old girl has its challenges. Adopting one with special needs has even more challenges! I haven't written much about our little girl, and I honestly can't say much until she is in our arms, but she was on the special home finding list. Someday I might write a little bit more about her particular needs. Honestly, right now, although we have read her paperwork, had her file reviewed by physicians, and prayed about it, we don't really know the extent of the special attention she will need. Please pray that we will be able to be the family that she needs and that God will  heal her completely, both emotionally and physically.

3) Finances. Yes, here it is that awful word again when you are talking about adoption! We have been incredibly blessed and I know God is going to provide the rest of our finances or provide a way for us to work more to be able to fund this adoption without debt.  BUT....we have been praying and have come to the conclusion that we would like to take our children with us. Adoption is not just about the parents and the child when there are other family members involved. Adoption is about the whole family.  I believe it would be good for Natalie and Micah to see where Joy is coming from. It will be good for them to have an understanding of where she has been and what she has been through. I believe it will be good for Joy to meet the whole family at once and know that we are all in this together.  However, plane tickets are running at about $1300 a piece right if this is supposed to happen, we are going to need God to intervene on our behalf! Please pray for a miracle and for God's continued guidance!

Thank you so much to my fellow Christ followers who are upholding us in prayer during this adoption journey!! Your prayers mean so much to us!! There have been times I have been discouraged or worried or overwhelmed and just knowing that there are others crying out to God on our behalf has been an encouragement!


  1. Hi Jenna,

    The nerves are normal - promise! We have all experienced those - Oh my gosh, what are we doing? type of feelings - it's normal because what you are doing in enormous - it would be more of a worry if you DIDN'T sometimes question what you were doing or if you DIDN'T have bouts of nerves sometimes - it means you are a regular person and not superhuman!

  2. Jenna,

    We are continuing to keep you guys in our prayers. God is faithful to provide ALL we need. The doubts are not from him - you are doing what God has called you guys to do. Hang in there. Adoption is ALL worth it and I know that when all of this is over, you guys will look back and just see God's hand in it all.

    Please let me know if you want to talk sometime...I am here.