Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Lesson in Waiting...and waiting...

Nobody likes to wait. Waiting at the doctor's office seems like such a waste of time. Waiting in line; waiting in traffic; waiting to hear a doctor's report; waiting for a new baby to get here; none of these things are fun. One of the fruits of the spirit is patience. I guess God is trying to teach me patience on a whole new level. We got word today regarding Mission 1:27....more waiting at LEAST until January or February to see if we get national approval. We got word on our home study....more waiting at least another week or two while the new area director is in training-- and all this waiting is coming before the acutal waiting for our referral! So I guess for now, God is trying to teach us a lesson in waiting...Please, Lord, let me learn it quickly! I am tired of waiting!

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  1. The waiting's not easy, is it?
    I just stumbled across your blog from the Yahoo group. We are currently in our 20th month of waiting for a referral and I totally understand how you feel with the frustration. I find myself praying for patience a lot lately. I hope your wait is a quick one and you find the patience you are looking for! I look forward to following your blog!